Q-A and Moving Tips

    What size of storage unit do I need?

    This is a common question for us. You never know how much space you’ll need until you see all of your belongings together in one location. Here are a couple of tips we recommend for eliminating those moments of guess-timation.

    • If you’ve packed all your belongings and have them put to the side in one room, measure the dimensions of that room (width x height) and multiply them together for the total square footage. Knowing how many square feet your contents occupy, will make it easier for us to quote you the storage unit size needed.
    • If you are just starting the moving/packing process, imagine putting all of your belongings into the bedrooms of your home. How many rooms would it fill? From 1 bedroom apartments to 5 bedroom homes, we have units to accommodate all your belongings.


    How & When Do I Have Access?

    To ensure your belongings are safe & secure at our facility, we have electronic gate access with each customer being able to choose their own personal 6 digit code. Access is available 7:00am to 8:00pm seven days a week.


    How Do I Receive & Pay My Invoice?

    Here at The Stor-It Place we strive on reducing our footprint on the environment. We are pleased to offer email invoices and online payments.   You can pre-pay for your unit which is a great way to avoid late fees. We also have promotional offers to save you, the customer, a bit of money. Payments can also be made in the way of any major credit card, cash/debit, by cheque and etransfer or direct debit.


    What can I store and not store in my unit?

    Almost anything can be stored in your unit from household goods to business records. For the safety of our facility and our tenants, storage of firearms, explosives, stolen goods, unlawful material, food and waste products or highly valuable items such as jewelry, cash, bonds etc. cannot be stored in your unit.


    Where can I purchase moving supplies?

    Here at The Stor-It Place, we have all your moving supplies such as boxes, wrapping paper, mattress bags and packaging tape for purchase.  If you need a little assistance with your move, we can recommend two local movers that can make your move less stressful.


    Packing Tips

    • Always double tape the bottom of your box, especially when packing heavy items.
    • Smaller boxes should be used for heavier items to avoid over packing which increases the weight and risk of a box being dropped or collapsing.
    • Pack your fragile items with bubble wrap or wrapping paper as opposed to newspaper. This avoids ink stains that can be permanent to your treasures.
    • Label each side and top of each and every box. Even though you know what you’ve packed in the box at the time, chances are by the 10th box, you won’t remember  when your contents are put into storage. You don’t have to label each item but a short itemized list will tweak your memory when the time comes.
    • When packing your storage unit, place the heavy items on the bottom and the boxes that you will not be using from time to time, at the back of the unit. You don’t want to empty your unit to find what you need on a regular basis at the back.